With more than 70 Type C – IGF class certified equipment on the market, Furui is a worldwide leader on the sector of LNG fuel tanks for ships. On rivership too, due to our 600 references. FURUISE EUROPE is able to supply the main equipment for the maritime use of LNG, in terms of its use as fuel, storage and transport, transfer to other vessels or port installations: tanks, loading and unloading arms, transfer skids under customer process, etc.


FURUISE EUROPE offers a wide range of tanks designed for the safe and efficient storage of cryogenic liquids with the aim of ensuring the optimum work at the installation of which the tank will be a part. Our “LOW BOIL OFF” vacuum technology, allow increasing at maximum the holding time of our tanks.


We can offer semi-trailer tanker trucks and rigid cryogenic vehicles, designed and manufactured according to ADR standards and based on the EN-13530 design code and the TPED 2010/35/EU directive on transportable pressure equipment. We can also offer the option of carrying out the design and manufacturing under the current ASME standard.


The Liquefaction Plants we design and manufacture at FURUISE EUROPE are reliable, simple and fast to install. We have developed a modular Liquefaction Plant design that offers significant advantages as it improves the supply time of a conventional plant by reducing the installation time. It also means improved finished quality, as they are manufactured in our facilities instead of on site. This is also why we obtain better results in non-destructive tests.


FURUISE EUROPE offers 40 and 20 feet cryogenic ISO-Containers completely CSC tested and certified. Designed to comply with the IMDG, RID/ADR, US-DOT, UIC, TC under ASME (Sect.VIII-div.I) codes and standards, that adapts to the worldwide intermodal transport requirements.


With a capacity of up to 100,000 cylinders per year, FURUISE EUROPE is a worldwide reference companies in the sector of cryogenic industrial pressure cylinders.

Our installations enable us to take on projects that require high levels of supply, with reliability in the delivery deadlines and a high, stable quality.


At Furuise Europe, we have a Heavy Duty division, where we manufacture equipment to the requirements and engineering needs of our clients: reactors, columns, non-standard pressure equipment, heat exchangers, separators, filters, absorbent products, etc., mainly for energy, chemical, desalinisation and similar projects in different metal materials.

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